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Request for Evidence (RFE) / Query / 221(g)

Price is per question.
Total price will depend on total number of questions in query or the items checked in 221(g).

RFE stands for Request for Evidence. RFE’s are issued when an immigration officer can not adjudicate an application or petition based on the initially submitted evidence. As defined in the Federal Regulation, an RFE specifies the type of evidence required, and whether initial evidence or additional evidence is required. The RFE indicates the deadline for response and additional time to respond to a request for evidence may not be granted.

The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) Section 221(g) is a fairly generic provision, which states that consular officers cannot issue visas to applicants who are ineligible to receive the visas under any section of law, or if the visa applications do not comply with immigration laws and regulations. Put simply, 221(g) is a catchall provision for refusing a visa if, in the opinion of the consular officer, the applicant has not proven eligibility for visa issuance. The 221(g) is classified as a visa "refusal" and must be revealed as such in any later visa applications.

Any applicable USCIS/Govt fees is extra.

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