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Professional Representation

Category Sub-Category Representation   USA
        Mthly Yrly (2 months FREE)
Office Postal address Proper professional mailing address      
    Collection of all mails which can be collated and mailed as per the desired frequency. Monthly    
    Professional representation if needed.   $99 / mth $999/ yr
  Office use Office space   $99.00 / day  
    Office infrastructure such as internet, computer & printer      
    Communication facilities such as phone and fax      
  Personal representation Attend phone calls professionally Shared $299.00 / mth $2,999.00/yr
    Personal meeting   $79.00/hr  
    Dedicated: Varies on skills & experience      
Communications Phone Shared   $14.99 / mth $149.00/yr
    Dedicated   $39.99 / mth $449.00/yr
  Fax Shared   $9.99 / mth $99.00/yr
    Dedicated   $19.99 / mth $199.00/yr

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