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Employee Referral Program Template

 Employee Referral Program

Date: Month DD, YYYY
To: All Employees
From: Company Name
Subject: Employee Referral Program 

Company needs to hire new employee(s) with following details:

Work Location:  
Job duties:

Please send resumes to
Company Name
Company Address

Program Details

Company believes that the best employees can be found from the candidate referrals of our own employees. Our employees already know our company's culture as well as the quality standards and the expectations. Company has an employee referral bonus program in order to encourage these candidate referrals. We expect and request our employees to get involved and assist us in attracting top talent. We reward by offering a referral bonus to any employee who refers a candidate, who is hired for regular employment.

Guidelines for Participation:

When you participate in our Employee Referral Award Program, you can reap financial rewards up to $2000 per referral if your referral is hired.
As you can see, many of our hard-to-fill positions are listed as "Referral Bonus" eligible. And that's why we need your help!
For you to be eligible for a referral award, the new referred employee must be a regular employee working 20 or more hours each week and must complete 3 months of employment. 

Employees can make referrals by contacting:

Thank you all for your referrals and excellent work!


(Signatory Name)
TITLE: HR manager
Human Resources Department      


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