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Applicant Documents List

Documents needed: (copies only not originals)

I. Work / Experience:

  1. Resume: Updated having Employer information, duration, title/role and responsibilities highlighting areas of specialization and expertise. In the “Education” section, mention your University’s name, address, duration of study, grade/percentage of marks. Email it to us electronically in Microsoft Word format.
  2. Experience letters covering job-title, period of employment and job-duties.
  3. Copies of any State professional license (if applicable).

II. Education:

  1. Degree + Certificates: Masters/ graduate /Undergraduate degree(s), diploma(s), certificates along with transcripts
  2. Mark-sheets: Mark-sheets of every single semester/year of college, not just the consolidated marks-sheet and XII & X grade.
  3. Copies of additional diplomas, training certificates or awards;
  4. Credentials / Credit / Education evaluations, if degree earned abroad.

III. Passport & Visas:

  1. All prior Notice(s) of Approval (H1B / I-797) issued by USCIS (any valid status held so far) and I-94s. Copy of both sides of your Form I –20, if currently in USA on F-1 status, and EAD.
  2. Passport, along with Visa and Form I-94 (clearly showing the dates of first and last entry into the United States) if any.
  3. If on H4 dependent visa then spouse documents who is on H1B: last 2 months paystubs, H1B approval (I-797), job-offer letter, employment verification letter from the current employer, W2s for 2 last years.

IV. Others / Misc:

  1. Current pay stubs (last 2 months) & Income tax form of last year (In USA W2).
  2. Driving license & social security card (if applicable).
  3. For H1B Extensions: For the H1B duration paystubs, W2s, Approved signed timesheets, Work reports submitted, appraisals, client appreciation letters if any.
  4. For GC /PERM filing: Copies of Social Security Cards (SSN), Passport with latest I-94 Arrival/Departure Card, current and previous H-1B / I-797 Approvals for spouse and children as well, if applicable. Documentation of previous Labor Certification or PERM application been filed on your behalf by your current company or a previous company, If any.

Size of documents:

1. Make all copies LETTER (A4) size (8”x11”).
2. If your certificates are larger, please use reduction. In case of any other size, do appropriate modifications to make A4 size.
3. Please do NOT staple the documents.

How & where to send?

1. Email the digitalized documents to
2. Also mail clear copy of documents to our company address (mandatory)

Kindly fill-in the following form ELECTRONICALLY (



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