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General Information About Your Company

You should be able to locate this number on your Company’s Tax Returns. For more information about NAICS codes, please visit: /eos/www/naics /index.html.

If none, please enter "0."

If none, please enter "0."

Please note, if your company has had layoffs, you may be asked to arrange a consultation with one of our Attorneys to discuss if this will impact any of your employee's cases.

If you have not and MLF is assisting your company in filing an H1B, please be prepared to submit a document that clearly and indisputably presents your company's valid FEIN. This document cannot have the FEIN printed by your company. For example, a tax filing created by your company and then sent to the IRS would not be acceptable. However, communication FROM the IRS, exhibiting your company's FEIN, is acceptable. Other examples include articles of incorporation, certification of authority, or any other official, indisputable document.

A willful violator employer is an employer that has received a formal finding / determination of violation of the immigration law by Department of Labor or Department of Justice. Before answering this question, please read the full definition of a willful violator available at /whd/regs/compliance /factsheet62 /whdfs62s.htm.

Company's Address
Direct Point of Contact for Your Company

If you need to list more than one eMail address, please use a semi colon to separate the email addresses.

An authorized signatory is a person who will execute all immigration forms submitted on your company's behalf to the respective government agency

DOL investigation or Audit
Filing any L-1 petitions

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