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H1B Checklist for Employer/Company

Employer (Petitioner) Information:

  1. Company Contact Information: Company Name, Address, Phone, Email,  Fax number and Website address.
  2. Company's Federal Tax ID (FEIN) number
  3. Company's establishment year
  4. Company's description
  5. Total number of current employees    
  6. Gross annual income for the previous year/net annual income
  7. How many employees are currently on H-1B (Excluding beneficiary)
  8. Name and Title of individual responsible for signing all visa documents
  9. Any IRS document or other state government document that declares the status of the company as nonprofit concern
  10. Federal Tax returns for past 3 years (including current year)
  11. Profit /Loss statements
  12. Bank statements of the past 6-12 months
  13. Lease of the office space with the pictures of the interiors and exteriors specifically showing Company's name
  14. Marketing material for the company- brochures, materials printed from website
  15. Client Agreement and Purchase Order / Workorder
  16. Subcontracting agreements from the middle vendors

Beneficiary Information:

  1. Job title of beneficiary
  2. Salary
  3. Address where the beneficiary will work
  4. If multiple locations, indicate 2 most frequent locations:Does full-time employees receive any type of compensation other than salary i.e. health insurance, dental insurance etc.  If so, what is the annual value of such compensation?  Health Insurance, term life, LT disability – equaling about 15% of salary
  5. Employment Agreement / Job-offer letter 
  6. Project description
  7. End client executed agreement and workorder / purchase-order (PO)
  8. End client letter for the beneficiary 
  9. All the beneficiary documents listed at

For H-1B Extensions:

In addition to documents mentioned at also need to submit the following documents for prior years in H-1B status:

  1. Copies of all pay stubs
  2. Copies of all W-2’s
  3. Copies of timesheets
  4. Copies of previous years work schedules
  5. Documentary evidence of work product created by beneficiary in H-1B periods
  6. Copies of prior performance reviews
  7. Copies of prior employment records such as employment agreements, termination letters, promotions, letters confirming salary increase or decrease, transfers and layoffs. 

For H-1B Transfers:

In addition to documents mentioned at also need to submit the following documents for H-1B transfer cases:

  1. Copies of recent 3 pay stubs
  2. Date of H1B transfer: The actual date when the beneficiary needs to start with the new company/employer.
  3. Experience letter showing duration, title, salary and job duties from the recent employer.


All documents need to be emailed at


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